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Premium Vision

Provision of high standards healthcare solutions that aspire to the Healthcare Sector progressive demand.

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Widespread Services

Covers various aspects of the healthcare sector needs such as project consultancies, training, education, and many more.

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Your Future

With us, you will find the opportunity to explore new horizons in the healthcare sector.


Did you know? Horizon has a total of seven premium services

Our Services

Horizon Healthcare Services provided its services in more than 20 countries around the world.

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Horizon Healthcare Services Strategic Partners network has been involved in major projects in the UAE and abroad including JCI accredited hospitals.

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Horizon healthcare Services Consulting Partners (through direct employment in HAAD) have been involved in more than 10 hospitals and more than 100 medical centers design, medical planning and medical equipment approvals review.

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Horizon healthcare Services follow several international standards like American Institute of Architects (AIA) guidelines 2006 & 2010, HTM 02 for medical gas systems, HTM 03 for Ventilations, CDC for infection control and AAMI for medical equipment.

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Modern buildings, Ideal locations, cutting edge technology, none of these appeal to us as much as finding, training and supporting high quality human resources.

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Horizon Healthcare services is composed of highly qualified and experienced team of healthcare professionals with PhDs and Board Certification from the US, Canada and UK.

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Patient values guide all of our decisions. We provide respectful, responsive, and remarkably patient centered care, keeping at the heart of our decisions the patient’s preferences, needs and values and ensuring that they are part of all decision making.

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